Articles and essays must be submitted to RC&F through the ScholarOne Manuscripts System hosted in the SciELO – Scientific Electronic Library. During the submission process is important the correct completion and metadata conferencing. The multiple authorship articles must be submitted in the ScholarOne system according to the authors’ contribution order and all must be individually registered in the system.

Articles and essays files shall be submitted WITHOUT ANY OF THE AUTHORS’ IDENTIFICATION in the body of the text and file properties. To ensure this, any information that facilitates the identification of the author must be removed from the work paper, such as acknowledgements.

If the research was submitted to any Ethics Committee, please, hide the number of the certificate. The numbering will be disclosed only when the article is approved for publication.

Authorship informations (the authors’ complete name, institution, department, email, country) are registered during the registration on the system.

The Open Science Statement, also available in the submission system, must be completely filled out and submitted in appropriate file designation.

The process for submission to the ScholarOne system and items of the paper structure must be checked for compliance. Read our guide for submission. Submissions with incomplete registrations of metadata shall be unsubmitted.

It is essential that authors clearly specify the research problem and gap in the literature, the contribution(s) of the article or essay and potential implications of the research. Such elements help the reviewers and editors.

There shall be at most 5 (five) authors. In the publication, the order of authorship (main author and co-authors) shall be notified at the time of submission. It is understood that this will be in accordance with the contribution of each author.

RC&F shall always publish articles in two languages: Portuguese and English or Spanish and English. RC&F will only publish articles whose authors agree with the translation of their research from Portuguese to English, from English to Portuguese or from Spanish to English, both versions published by RC&F, which will provide these translations with no costs for authors. 

Regardless of the number of revisions, authors shall only consider that their work will be published when they receive communication stating that the article IS APPROVED.

In the case of papers that undergo revision, authors shall submit a file to the Editor-in-Chief, presenting a report of the changes, as well as a new version of the paper with and without revision marks in the same file.

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